UAZ PICKUP, Reliable for work, useful for holiday 

EnginePerformanceDimensions & WeightWeightBrake
googletranslate سیستم موتور: googletranslate تنفس طبیعی
googletranslate چیدمان سیلندرها: googletranslate خطی
Emission:Euro - 5
Number of Cylinders:4
Piston Displacement: googletranslate 2693 cc
Compression Ratio: googletranslate ۹:۱
Maximum Power: googletranslate 134(99)/4600±100 hp(Kw)/rpm googletranslate
Maximum Speed: googletranslate 140 Km/h
googletranslate زاویه تقرب: googletranslate 35 googletranslate درجه
googletranslate زاویه ترک: googletranslate 25 googletranslate درجه
Maximum Torque: googletranslate 217/3900±100 Nm/rpm googletranslate
Wheel Base:3000 Milimeter
Length:5125 Milimeter
Width:1915 Milimeter
Height:1915 Milimeter
Front Wheel Tread:1600 Milimeter
Rear Wheel Tread:1600 Milimeter
Minimum Ground Clearance:210 Milimeter
googletranslate جرم خالص: googletranslate 2135 Kilogram
googletranslate حداکثر میزان بار مجاز (سرنشین + بار): googletranslate 725 Kilogram
Max. Gross Weight on The Front Axle: googletranslate 1210 Kilogram
Max. Gross Weight on The Rear Axle: googletranslate 1650 Kilogram
Brake:Front brakes: disc-type Rear brakes: drum-type
Parking Brake: googletranslate روی ترمز عقب و کاسه چرخ و گیربکس
googletranslate سیستم‌های ترمز: googletranslate HHC, HBA, TCS


The upgraded UAZ Pickup has everything for transporting items needed at work or on holiday. The list of additional equipment includes a protective cover on the cargo compartment with gas springs, which will protect the load from bad weather and external impacts (volume 1181 l). Also available is a glass-free sealed enclosure for the cargo compartment, with an additional stop signal, that can easily accommodate larger items and even a dog (the volume of the enclosure is 2243 l). Safety-bars on the cargo compartment help fasten cargo more securely, reinforce the structure and give the vehicle a more expressive look.
Cargo compartment cover
Glass-free cargo compartment enclosure
Cargo compartment safety bars



With this modern system it is easier to park the UAZ Pickup in small spaces
For safe parking and improved convenience, the upgraded UAZ Pickup has
front parking sensors and the image from the rear-view camera
is supplemented with dynamic lines
Rear view camera in the handle of the tailgate Front parking sensors, which can be turned off, and wear-resistant fog lamps



When backing up the vehicle, a color display shows the view from the rear camera with dynamic lines, as well as front and rear parking sensor signals

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